Owning A Silkcroft Wheaten

Whilst we only have the occasional litter we do have a variety of ways that you could take home a Silkcroft wheaten terrier.  These are detailed below.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss our dogs either via our website contact page or via email on enquiries@silkcroft.co.uk .

Purchasing A Puppy

Silkcroft Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Puppies
We occasionally have puppies available.  As Kennel Club Accredited Breeders we do everything we can to ensure that the puppies are happy, healthy and well socialised.  All the adults and puppies are health tested.

The puppies are all registered with the UK Kennel Club and come with a 5 generation pedigree plus full puppy pack.  We pride ourselves on the wealth of information that we provide new owners and the lifelong support for both owner and dog.

Details of our next litter can be found on our Planned Litters page.

Co-Owning Opportunities

To ensure the longevity of the our wonderful soft-coated wheaten terrier and their genepool, we (Silkcroft) only ever breed if we plan to keep a puppy.  With this in mind and the fact that wheatens love human interaction and a good family environment we do regularly have co owning opportunities for families, couples or individuals who wish to work with us.  It really does work and we have a number of dogs now in wonderful co-ownership. It works for them, us and the dog.

If you are interested in hearing more please email us for further details, or use our contact page.

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