Beckett wins 2nd Challenge Certificate at Bath 2017

Incredible day at Bath Championship show (26th May 2017)!  Our judge was Mr P R Eardley.  Beckett ‘Silkcroft Crest of waves’ won his 2nd Challenge Certificate and Lola ‘Silkcroft Sky Full of Stars ShCM irJCH’ won another Reserve Challenge Certificate to go with her 2 Challenge Certificates.  Lola was handled by Cheryl and big thanks to Jez & Nicole again for letting Harriet show Beckett.

Yay Team Silkcroft!

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@jamestaulbut @hottiejez we used to record ourselves during school lunch on video through TV playing games like Elite and watch them back at x4 speed 🤣 #goodolddays #bbcb

@jeffvallance @GingerLeeSCWT Weirdly we co-own Blaine with Sydney & Shari 😉 so we are very proud of him!

Well done team! 🇺🇸🥂🏆🥇 GOOD LUCK IN THE TERRIER GROUP! #scwt #iscwt #bob #teamkeepsake #teamsilkcroft

Team Silkcroft stop off for some Beer and Waffles in Brugge, Belgium 🇧🇪 #scwt #iscwt #wheaten #wheatenterrier #bbn #brugge Silkcroft photo

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