Perri Wins Terrier Group 3 at Dunstable 2016

Perri, Silkcroft One Step Closer JW wins Best On Breed and under judge Stephen Bartwell at Dustable & District open show (28th March 2016).  Perri and handler Cheryl Satherley then went on to be awarded 3rd place in the Terrier Group (TPG3) by Group judge Claire Sharp.

Well Done Perri & Cheryl!!!

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@jamestaulbut @hottiejez we used to record ourselves during school lunch on video through TV playing games like Elite and watch them back at x4 speed 🤣 #goodolddays #bbcb

@jeffvallance @GingerLeeSCWT Weirdly we co-own Blaine with Sydney & Shari 😉 so we are very proud of him!

Well done team! 🇺🇸🥂🏆🥇 GOOD LUCK IN THE TERRIER GROUP! #scwt #iscwt #bob #teamkeepsake #teamsilkcroft

Team Silkcroft stop off for some Beer and Waffles in Brugge, Belgium 🇧🇪 #scwt #iscwt #wheaten #wheatenterrier #bbn #brugge Silkcroft photo

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