Perri’s Litter Born

Perri, Silkcroft One Step Closer JW, and Logan, Multi CH Legally Blond Wolverine have had a litter of 7 happy healthy puppies July 2017.

Pups and mom doing well 🙂

Pupdates on the website as usual – Current Litter

Contact us now to go on to our puppy list… Contact Here

Lastly don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – and on Instagram – Silkcroft.  We also have our own YouTube channel – Silkcroft SCWT – with films of the pups.

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2 weeks ago
Silkcroft Some Magic Rose wins her 2nd Reserve Challenge Certificate at National Terrier Championship #dogshow 2018, well done Ani! #scwt #wheatenterrier #wheatensoftwitter #wheaten #nationalterrier #staffordshowground Silkcroft photo
3 weeks ago
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